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Go To: MYKIKI and its naughty waffles

Section Editor Sophie Poredos explores Surry Hills’ MYKIKI and tastes the delicious genitalia-themed waffle desserts they have to offer.

Penis-shaped waffles with naughty whipped cream at the end? Tucked away on Bourke Street, this eatery offers both vulva-shaped waffles and penis desserts topped with edible glitter, ice cream and cream. You also have a series of chocolate coatings to choose from, each as equally devilish as the last. 

I ordered the ‘Sexy Peanut’ known as a ‘Kiki,’ which is a penis-shaped waffle that has a milk chocolate coating, topped with peanuts. For an extra dollar, I added whipped cream on the end, which I absolutely recommend. My partner chose ‘The Girly’ which was a ‘Kikiette,’ a vulva-shaped waffle. It was topped with strawberry chocolate and strawberry ice cream as well as flower-sprinkles. 

Despite the gimmick component of these desserts, each waffle is incredibly light and fluffy with a creamy chocolate coating. They both had a satisfying crunch on the outside and an airy melt-in-your-mouth filling. They were definitely a bit spenny for a waffle, $16 and $14 respectively, but in my opinion, they were kinda worth the price. Whilst you are paying for the unique selling point of these waffles, they are incredibly moreish and surprisingly filling too. 

The shop is quaint and charming with bright-bold wallpaper and a cheeky shelf filled with genitalia assorted candles, keychains and mugs, as I am pictured. Towards the end of the shop, there is also a prop room which contains light-up neon signs that would make for a fun bachelorette night or drunken treat as they are open late. I had fun taking photos with my partner as we posed with our naughty waffles in the aesthetically-pleasing space. It’s all very Instagrammable, which is what makes this location such a popular spot as seen with the wall of candid photos that contain some semi nude patrons. 

The only downside to this cafe appears to be the lack of choices other than waffles and milkshakes. Coming around lunchtime, I really wanted to order some food and share a waffle as a treat but this was a dessert-only eatery. Also, the lack of seating made it difficult to devour our warm treats. There were a few seating options outside but the space was incredibly cramped and overlooked a tight street lined with bins. Inside the one hanging chair was more for photo purposes than practicality, so we opted to sit on the fake grass and tried not to spill the edible glitter everywhere. 

I really enjoyed MYKIKI’s atmosphere as they nailed their niche market. Whilst the trek from Central Station to Surry Hills seemed like an uphill battle, their waffles were definitely worth it. The option to customize your own desserts too gives you a full range of extensive toppings, meaning there is something here for everyone. This Sextember, you’ll find me licking traces of whipped cream from my lips, as I leave MYKIKI

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