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RTP Mob: Yarning Circle


Mob: Yarning Circle

Footnotes are supposed to lead people to places for further information and reading. I have compiled a list of ways Indigenous Students and people can reconnect to land, culture and community.

I believe it is beneficial to discuss ways that people can start reintegrating themselves into their culture. I like to think of it as an offer for people to start walking that journey — or at least a space where people revisit to find out where to start.

* Sit on the riverbank and fish or listen to the wind.

* Sit with another Indigenous person and share stories

* Attend a community event e.g. NAIDOC

* Sit with an elder and listen to their story.

* Watch some documentaries about Indigenous history and life.

* Join an Indigenous sporting team (Knockouts).

* Research your own family history to investigate and learn about the policies and how they were affected.

Additionally, you can reach out to Walanga Muru staff members:

  • Cultural and Wellbeing Officer: Alison Salt

  • Aboriginal Academic Engagement Coordinator: Tamika Worrell

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