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Spaghetti Dinner

Come into my kitchen

I have much to show you

For your excited inexperience

Is exactly what I need

I’ll teach you what I know

We will take all the ingredients

You and I

And we shall make it a little saucy

What do you think?

I have just what we need

For our hungry hearts

Chop cut dice

Vibrant voluptuous vegetables

Stir and simmer

Add a splash of red for richness

And a splash of red for our love

Fetch a pot of water

Bubbling boiling burning yearning

Stiff spaghetti submerged softens

We shall wait in embrace

For all the flavours to become one

Try it on your tongue

How does it taste?

May I taste it on your lips?

You taste delicious

We made this

You and I

Let’s enjoy it together

Our spaghetti dinner

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