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Celeb Spellcheck, Australia’s Very Own Gossip Girl


Celeb Spellcheck here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of… Australian B-Grade celebrities?

If you’re an avid Instagram user like I am then there is a high chance that you’ve heard of celeb spellcheck, an Instagram account dedicated to catching Aussie celebrities out for spelling errors and other social media mishaps. Launching at the beginning of 2020, the account has gained a whopping 130 000 followers and is growing each day.

However, with its rise to fame like everything and everyone else, the account has been subject to a lot of criticisms online. For example, Ex-Love Island star Tayla Damir recently spoke out on her Instagram story about personal ‘attacks’ on her from the account, stating that she is a victim of bullying. This came after celeb spellcheck reposted a photo from her story in which she misspelt the word ‘tournament’ as ‘tornament’. The caption attached to the post quoted Natalie Imbruglia’s iconic song Torn,

“Nothing’s fine I’m torn”

And come on, you can’t admit that isn’t funny.

But what’s even funnier is that just two weeks later, in the popular podcast Shameless, Tayla admitted that when she gets hate messages from her followers, she replies correcting their spelling errors, “the ones that have so many spelling errors, I feel like it’s my human duty just to tell them”.

So here’s a crazy idea, perhaps Tayla has been our Gossip Girl all along and was just covering her tracks?

In the last few years social media has been under siege for its superficial representation of life. Even influencers have jumped on board, posting photos before and after editing, as well as showing the ‘power of the pose’ to shed some light on the inaccuracies of social media representation.

Celeste Barber for example has been an icon for this kind of exposure, as she takes the piss out of ‘picture-perfect’ photos and videos of models, celebrities and influencers. Her iconic comparison of ‘Instagram’ vs. ‘reality’ shows the truth behind these idealised images of perfection, showing that in reality most of us can’t live up to that standard and how that is completely normal.

And she’s genuinely just fucking hilarious.

So if we’re embracing the imperfect, why should a couple of spelling errors be an issue?

In saying that, a lot of celebrities do play along with celeb-spellcheck and have a bit of a laugh at themselves in the comments of their posts.

Back in January, Lorinska, one of Australia’s Yummy Mummy’s, was outed for misspelling the term wedding ‘vows’ as ‘vowels’, which I only know because I had to read the comments after getting frustrated because I couldn’t figure out the error, something that I admittedly do with a lot of their posts.

A friend who featured in the photo commented on their post saying, “WE MADE IT!” in excitement, with Lorinska replying “we did we did”.

But the big question remains, who is this second-coming of Gossip Girl?

Many have had their guess on who the elusive celeb spellcheck is, including The Sydney Morning Herald, Pedestrian, and even The Daily Mail UK although it seems that all points lead to the same guess.

Two women who work as publicists for the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne were apparently caught discussing the account in detail at a Piper-Heidsieck event. Celeb Spellcheck quickly shut down these rumours, stating that they were false but hey that’s what you would say if it were true, wouldn’t you?

But why do we need to know the who? Once we do, it will most likely just shut down and then what will we laugh at on our prolonged ‘bathroom’ breaks at work?

While we may think we want to know, I will leave you with one piece of advice.

Just remember the disappointment of 2012 when we FINALLY found out who Gossip Girl really was. Remember that pain. So, thrive in the mystery of it all and keep sending in your tips.

You know you love them,

XOXO Celeb Spellcheck


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