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Submission Callout




Chrysalis refers to a transitional state, one in which you inhabit a sheltered and protective environment before developing wings and taking on the world.

We’re currently living in an age of resurgence; what are we doing if not attempting to heal our inner child? We’re looking at you Miffy, Sonny Angel, Lego, Funko POP!, Pokémon, and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie! As we welcome back Y2K aesthetics and fashion, collectibles, toys, and animated media, we want to hear about that awkward in-between stage; what you loved growing up as a young child or adolescent and what has stuck with you through until today – we’re talking comfort shows, books, films, music, pop culture, or even people.

Younger you is calling (probably on a Motorola RAZR). So reach out, hold them; rekindle what’s been lost, and what’s been taken from you both. Interpret this theme however you’d like and fly with it, whether it’s through a Mike’s Mic style deep dive of the Glee series or through considering how your early years shaped you into the adult you are today. Through the looking glass of the 2000s and early 2010s – your pupa era – join Team Grapey on this nostalgic journey as we head into the new year.

BONUS ROUND: Have a cheeky pic of your childhood bedroom stashed away somewhere? Send it in, and we’ll add it to a collage spread!

Grapeshot accepts all types of works, including guides, news pieces, essays, memoirs, comics, artworks, poetry, short fiction, photographs, reviews, and more – so get creative!

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 05/01/2024. Send your submissions to: with the subject line: “Issue 1 Submission + [Composer’s Name] + [Form of Work]”. Feel free to DM us with any submission questions! Don’t let time run out! Mark the day in your calendar and get your pieces submitted!


We welcome submissions from Macquarie University students and staff. We do accept submissions from past students (alumni), but submissions from current students will be prioritised. 


We accept submissions year-round. All types of submissions are welcome, for publication in the physical magazine, on the website, and in our newsletter,  Grapevine. If we cannot publish your piece in the physical magazine, we will do our best to publish it online, though this cannot be guaranteed.

Each physical magazine has a theme, which is used as a means to inspire and provoke thoughts, opinions, and questions surrounding a particular concept. Although Feature articles must be directly related to the issue’s theme, submissions for other sections (especially in News) need not adhere to the theme.

If you submit work, be prepared to work with a Section Editor from the Grapeshot team to make structural changes to your article if the editor thinks that is necessary.


If you want to submit a piece for publication, think about what section you would like your piece to be in. Physical Grapeshot magazines are divided into the following sections: 



Short news pieces, campus news, and national and international feature-length pieces that might be of concern to MQU students.


Lengthier topic-specific articles which have a ‘human side’ to them, soft news pieces, personal essays and memoir pieces. 



This section houses works from our talented creatives on campus, it includes fictional short stories, poetry, artwork, photography, comics etc.



Fun, short and miscellaneous. Variegated is where we put the pieces that don’t fit in other sections but are just too good to pass up. This includes short biographical pieces and fun articles.



Recurring sections with a theme or objective. These include MOB, Pop-culture rewind, Challenge, I Don't get it, you are here, Nic’s Flix, Grapey Book Club, Horoscopes, Grapey Playlist, Aunty Grapeshot.

Sometimes it is a bit of a blurry line between a feature article and a creative, or a review and an opinion piece. Your opinion and intention as the creator of the piece is therefore most important to how we decide where to place your submission within the magazine. Think about including this in the body of your submission email.



Written Articles/Creative Pieces:

  • Save the word document as titleofpiece_wordcount_yourname.docx

    • Example: NationalNews-Ukraine_859_NikitaByrnes.docx

  • Email the article to with the subject line: “Issue #[X]  Submission + [Composer’s Name] + [Form of Work]”. 

    • Example: Issue #4 Submission + Nikita Byrnes + News Article 


Other Types of Submissions: 

  • Grapeshot welcomes all types of creative works, especially if they fit the theme of our upcoming issue! 

  • “Other Types of Submissions” encompasses visual works that can be printed:  photo essays, and physical and digital artworks. 

  • Please send an email to and in the email write a short synopsis of: who you are, and what your work is about/showing. Indicate your interest to be published in the upcoming issue. We will get back to you about what form in which to send your work through.

  • Be prepared to work with a design assistant or the Creatives Section Editor to make sure your work is published in the way most faithful to your intention!




Our word count is flexible but for a general guide:

  • 1-page in our magazine = approximately 800 – 1000 words.

  • 2-page spread = 1200 – 1800 words.

  • 3-pages and above = over 2000 words. 

Send submissions to

*A reminder also that only Macquarie University students can contribute so please submit your articles using your Macquarie University student email in order to be eligible for publication.

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