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Flourish of Stoicism

Stoic slideshows have taken TikTok by storm. Dougal Tsakalos-Stewart breaks down what ‘Stoicism’ is, and why these slideshows have such emotional sway over us. 

The theory of Stoicism is a form of philosophy that intends to teach fortitude and self-control in order to remove destructive and negative emotions. While it has obviously been around for centuries, it has gained a recent rise through the use of TikTok.

The idea of a philosophy like Stoicism gaining traction on TikTok may seem contrary. This is because TikTok scrolling is mainly seen as a negative habit, bringing forth destructive emotions. However, in my opinion, this is why it works so well. Users scrolling through the enduring black hole of TikTok are more likely to find this type of content, alongside other motivational types. I'm often asked the question: “Who is going to carry the boats and the logs”.

The type of content when it comes to TikTok stoicism is simple. Display a person who is going through a stressful situation, or someone saying something negative, and respond in kind on another slideshow. The response usually seems to be some form of ‘easier said than done’ advice, or general useful advice with a mention of stoicism.

While this type of content can seem useless or silly, as it’s on TikTok, I have personally found comfort in it. 

Improvement in your life doesn't start with big steps, but small ones. If I have to see a thousand slideshows of a bearded character telling me how great being stoic is in order to improve my life, I'll gladly take it.

What about you?


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