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Illustrated: Five Types of People You’ll See in the First Week of Uni


When transitioning from high school into university, it’s easy to feel lonely, confused and a little homesick for the comforts of a five-day school week.

As you trek through the throng of strangers on Wally’s Walk, it’s inevitable you’ll wonder “Where the hell am I?” It’s a given that seeing unfamiliar people from different walks of life makes one feel isolated and small. Especially as a brand-new first year student.

No matter how strange these people may seem, there’s always those who fit ever so perfectly into the following uni student stereotypes. Seeing these familiar social reference points around campus is bound to bring a ting of comfort during your first week of uni.

Lauren Knezevic takes you through the five types of people you’ll see in the first week of uni.

1. Eager Beaver

They’ve memorised the campus map and their timetable, not to mention the quickest routes to their lectures - which are probably at 9am. You’ll catch them networking with all their tutors and lecturers, as well as hitting the books every day in the library. Whether it’s prepped readings, sudden questions from tutors or a class discussion, they’re never caught off guard.

They have signed up for all of the extracurriculars from United Nations to Writers@MQ, to build up their already impressive resume. When channeling their inner Rory Gilmore, the determination and passion Eager Beavers have for school can almost be aggravating but will always be admired.

✻ Most likely to be found in a quiet classroom or in the library ✻

2. Sleeping Beauty

They’re often found half asleep in a pile of books in the library, or in the back row of lectures looking more confused than ever. These Sleeping Beauties make up a lot of the university population.

Most of the time they’re late to their classes, but fear not, they will always have a drink in hand. Whether it’s a Boost Juice, Chatime or a coffee, it is a form of emotional support that must be respected. You’ll mostly see them rocking up to 11am lectures and afternoon tutorials in sweatpants and a hoodie. If you ever want to befriend a Sleeping Beauty, just buy them a coffee or give them a summary of the two-hour lecture you spent together.

✻ Most likely to be found in a corner of the library or in the Central Courtyard getting their drink ✻

3. Party Animal

It’s hard to miss this wild child with their sunnies on in lecture halls trying to hide their hangover. O-Week is a golden time for these party animals. You’ll catch them at the toga party, the boat party, the neon party… you name it, they celebrate it! They’ll rock up to the first week somehow already knowing everyone around them, most likely from using their popular kid charms. Their perpetually scattered state and abundance of wild stories will be a laugh...until you're paired with them for a group project. Make sure to hit them up on a Saturday night for a party with the Kanye West Appreciation Society.

✻ Most likely to be found a bit drunk buzzing around at Ubar or sometimes at the Leisure and Aquatic Centre ✻

4. That Person from your Primary/High School

What was their name again? Was it Brandy? Brandon? You’ll either be in the exact same units together or completely different degrees. You might make small talk during O-Week and promise yourself it will never happen again. You’re most likely to find them in the Central Courtyard with a whole new gang of friends. Try and join them, and you’ll probably be confronted by awkward glances, smiles, and death stares. Are we just going to ignore that we experienced life together before university? Works for me.

✻ Most likely to be found in the Central Courtyard with new friends or by the lake studying ✻

5. Sib from Another Crib

During the first day when you’re completely lost and want to cry, these angels will take care of you. Usually, they are second or third years who are always happy to lend a helping hand. Do you need a pen? Notes from their previous years? Advice on the best coffee on campus? The sib from another crib will take you under their wing and might develop a tiny superiority complex from it… But you’ll love them anyway.

✻ Most likely to be found sober at Ubar taking care of everyone on Friday nights or by the lake contemplating life ✻

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