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Illustrated: Pyjama Personalities

Silk Suit Set

You either grew up with a trampoline in your backyard or you’re a Capricorn. You have an elaborate night time routine involving a complex skin regimen that you swear by, and a designated time to send your friends texts reminding them to wipe off their makeup before they go to bed. You sip on herbal tea and turn on your sunset lamp to wind down. You like to treat yourself, you understand that sleep is a gift to the body, you enjoy turning a basic human function into a blissful luxury. And while you’re at it, you’ll get a matching silk pillowcase and eye mask, too. Get your beauty sleep, girlboss.

Fluffy Dressing Gown

Your house either doesn’t have any heating or you are a self-confessed cold-blooded creature whose fingers and toes are always icy. You shuffle around in matching fluffy slippers and you stuff tissues into the pockets of your gown even if you don’t have a runny nose. Your gown is your friend, your shoulder to cry on, your greatest comfort in life. Growing up, you slept with a safety blanket or stuffed toy that you refused to part ways with (it’s still in your room, isn’t it?). You watch multiple movies back to back every night, but you’re not picky about genre, you just enjoy anything that you can properly immerse yourself in, just as you are immersed in your gown.

Mismatched Oversized Combo

Look, it’s not a fashion show. It’s well-deserved, much-needed, good old fashioned sleep. You wear your dad’s old Hard Rock Cafe tee and a pair of pilled cotton shorts from your tween years simply because the combo is comfy. Yes, you look moth-eaten, but at least you are getting eight beautiful hours of shut-eye. To restate the obvious, it’s not a fashion show. But if you are feeling a little unmotivated and lacklustre in your mismatched get-up, you’ll throw your hair up into a messy bun, because it never hurts to be mismatch-chic.

Cotton Nighty

You are trying to be the haunted girl in the horror movie who has a powerful, intuitive relationship with the spirit who is possessing the rest of the town but not you. You are quiet and maintain a look of innocence. You miss your childhood, you’re nostalgic about your past and the girlhood you left behind. Because of that, you must make it clear that you are haunted. You want to please your inner child by fulfilling all her wishes, by letting her be the centre of attention once more. When you go to bed, you feel vulnerable, and you love it. Your heavy doona protects you from all the monsters beneath your bed. If it were to be ripped off by a ghost, though, you would feel a sense of undeniable completion.

Undergarments Only

Okay, we know, you’re in a new relationship. You don’t have to yell. Whether you’re spending the night in your comfy undies, or spicing it up with lacey lingerie, your body is the most important thing in that bed. You can’t have anything in its way. For you, bedtime is either an exciting time for confidence and fun, or it is a time to be your most organic and uninhibited self, removed from the superficial clothing of life. Even if you don’t have a partner, you are still prioritising your relationship with yourself.

Plaid Flannel

Taylor Swift’s sister albums Folklore and Evermore are the soundtrack to your life. You dream of living in a cabin in the woods, of growing your own vegetables, of baking lavender cake while reading a vintage classic. Your favourite times of the year are Autumn and Christmas. You love chai, gingerbread, and soup. But you’re also not afraid to get your hands dirty – you like DIY projects and are passionate about the outdoors. You go on hikes through the bush and go camping with your friends. Fire is always present: whether it is a cosy fireplace, a crackling campfire, or the smouldering tip of a cigarette. You are always enjoying the act of warding off, and finding comfort in, the cold.

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