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Illustrated: What Your Face Mask Says About You


What your face mask says about you:

The single-use blue surgical mask

You are a stickler for the rules. You don’t want to take any chances or cut any corners but you also lack a bit of creativity. All in all, you are a safe queen.

The single-use black surgical one

Similar to the blue queens, you love to follow the rules and don’t want to risk anything. You especially don’t want to risk fashion for the sake of safety. The black adds a touch of elegance. Safe and chic.

Plain cotton coloured mask

You are environmentally conscious and prefer to be both safe and comfortable. You love to mix and match your fashion and are always down to end the patriarchy whilst also being fashion-forward.

Homemade masks

You inspire me. You’ve taken this pandemic by the horns and made it your own. Your craft knows no limits and you probably spent much of the lockdown baking some delicious goods.

Sparkly/funky design masks

You could defeat Thanos. You deserve the entire world and more. Even though we can’t see your face we know you are probably smiling. You are also probably a school receptionist or school counsellor.

No face mask

Choices. Probably also wears the Lorna Jane activewear that stops COVID-19 in its tracks.

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