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Miguel O’Hara: Across the Fantasy-Verse

Miguel O’Daddy? Sorry…Miguel O’Sexy? Sorry…Miguel O’Dreamy? Dougal Tsakalos-Stewart gives us the hard and plain reality of why we all find Miguel O’Hara so damn sexy!

The release of the new Marvel animated superhero film, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, was brought to us in early June, 5 years after the release of the first Spider-Verse film. The film provided viewers with fantastic animation, a breathtaking storyline, and sublime character development, from start to finish. It also provided some people with a new fictional character to be smitten over.

Miguel O’hara has joined the revered list of dreamy fantasized characters, alongside classic characters, such as: Lola Bunny, Jessica Rabbit, and even the fish that Willem Dafoe voices in Finding Nemo.

The main attributes that have been reported to have gained attraction to Miguel are primarily his voice and physical appearance. Many have commented on his ‘voluptuous ass’, as well as his very admirable physique, especially his muscular back and broad shoulders. Another key aspect of his desirable physical appearance was his face, with thin cheekbones and a narrow shadowy face, with hair that looked very…scratchable. His gravelly and deep voice, provided by the well known actor Oscar Isaac, was also effective in having audiences drool over him.


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