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Newsflash: The Peace Festival


From the 16th – 26th of September this year, Raising Peace will be holding events celebrating the United Nations International Day of Peace, which is observed on the 21st of September. The aim is to raise awareness about the day and to celebrate the concept at 107 Redfern St, Redfern. The event is planned to have exhibitions, talks, discussions, workshops, films, music, entertainment, and activities for children, which are all scheduled to take place in person; however, COVID-19 restrictions may change plans. Currently, there are also online events on offer, which will include short films, videos, speaker presentations, and discussion forums.

2021 is especially important because it marks 100 years of peacemaking by International Volunteers for Peace (IVP), Women's International League for Peace and Freedom NSW (WILPF), and Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN). Whilst it is uncertain what restrictions will be in place at the time, there is a clear effort to make the entire celebration accessible from home. It is the perfect event for university students and people who are interested in peace to go and learn more about what peace looks like in the contemporary world.

Visit for more information about the event.


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