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Nude Beaches: Tooshies Out?

Do you like getting your tata’s out on the beach? Well, Sophie Poredos’ article on the threat to nude beaches is perfect for you! 

From Katoomba’s Three Sisters, to Curracurrong Falls at the Royal National Park, to the bums out at Alexandria Bay or A. Beach, Australia’s natural beauty is the reason why we are the hottest tourist destination. However, the latter is not entirely legal in states like QLD, where, unlike in NSW, public nudity is illegal, even at self-declared nude beaches. 

These recent crackdowns are due to an increased number of allegations of indecent acts committed to members of the public. On 20 April, a man was fined for ‘self-gratifying’ himself onto a young woman with 11 other people, giving naturalists a bad reputation in the public eye. The disgusting sexual assaults at this small Noosa beach have been an ongoing issue for nudist beaches, as they are vulnerable locations with minimal legal oversight. This has left local residents divided as to whether or not to encourage these crackdowns, as they are famous for their annual nude Olympics. [1] 

In NSW however, bums are out when the sun is out. Nudists, or ‘naturalists,’ have designated beaches under the Local Government Amendment (Nude Bathing) Act 1996 (NSW), which includes only 5 locations listed under Section 633 [2]

  • Lady Bay Beach - the oldest nudie beach in Australia! 

  • Cobblers Beach 

  • Obelisk Beach 

  • Werrong Beach

  • Samurai Beach

Any other unofficial nudist beach location could be a potential breach of ‘obscene exposure’ in Section 5 of the Summary Offences Act 1998 (NSW). Consequences range from fines to imprisonment depending on the discretion of the police officer. 

Always check out the location beforehand and read the reviews as some destinations listed above, such as Lady Bay Beach, have been criticised for not providing a safe environment for women, compared to the beginner-friendly Cobblers Beach [3].

Next time you're tempted to visit an unofficial nudie beach, know your rights and make sure you bring an open-minded friend to stay safe in your birthday suit! 

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