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Orientation Week Recap With Grapeshot

Deputy Editor Jackson Robb runs through the orientation week of Macquarie University, highlighting a variety of clubs and societies as well as the hard work put in by the Grapeshot team

Orientation Week (previously O-Week) is a crucial time for so many new students. It allows them to see the very best of what Macquarie has to offer in the way of support services, societies and campus life. Orientation Week is also an important time for many societies and student groups on campus as it is a space where they can promote the values and beliefs of their group to new students, encouraging them to become part of a community within the university that fosters similar values to them. This is not only applicable to domestic students but international students as well, who, for many, Orientation Week can help them become accustomed to living in Sydney and meeting new people. Whilst many Uni’s interpret Orientation differently, we’ve provided a breakdown of some key events, the best freebies and how the team at Grapeshot can help you make the most of your time at Macquarie.

Monday: Day 1

Unfortunately, this team member was not present on Day 1 but was told it was spectacular, magnificent and everything you thought it would be.

Tuesday: Day 2

The absolutely sweltering heat did not stop the crowds (or the MQ societies) from gathering in the Central Courtyard (CC). The team at Grapeshot worked diligently to provide new and existing students copies of the magazine and info about our upcoming events. Societies were able to survive the blistering sun with the help of V energy drinks which were passed around to students and societies to ensure minimal hydration but high levels of caffeine. The Ubar was a fan favourite, promoting their events and upcoming socials. So too did the QuadBall society (formally Quidditch), which shone bright amidst their changing political landscape. Overall, a busy, solid day in CC with plenty of engagement from students.

Wednesday: Day 3

The weather can really make or break the vibe of Orientation Week as hats were replaced with umbrellas and the cloudy overcast cooled things down, both literally and metaphorically. Turn out on Wednesday was not as great as the start of the week but this did not deter the team at Grapeshot. Not only was the team on top of their advertising skills, but select students got access to archived copies of the magazines from three to four years ago. Labelled as “vintage” these copies were a fan favourite and were scooped up by many. Some of our favourite stalls on Wednesday were the campus radio station 2ser who probably had the best stickers out of all the societies. Additionally, Wednesday was the day for freebies with Grapeshot team scoring cases of Sprite and free razors from Gillette. Special consideration to the many cultural societies we have on campus. From the Indigenous Students Society and Walanga Muru to the Indian, Vietnamese and Greek societies, everyone was bringing their A-game.

Thursday: Day 4

Day 4 started slow but it did pick up. Thursday was a chance for the Grapeshot team to make some new friends, and we most certainly did. The team decided to create a reel featuring various societies doing fun activities in the hopes of getting featured on the Macquarie Uni Instagram page. We were unsuccessful but it’s their loss really. Together, the team went around and explored the societies, from the niche to the mainstream. We started with the MQ Dance Association who choreographed a dance with the team. Then it was on to MacAlpine who were hosting a non-alcoholic beer pong. The team stayed uncoordinated but did manage to sink one. Next it was onto the UBar who let us spin to win a drink voucher, the odds were not in our favour but they helped us out anyway, until finally we arrived at the main course, the MQ Swifties. The Swifties were nice enough to bring out Taylor Swift (Cardboard Version) to pose with copies of the mag, so expect to see lots of her songs featured in future Grapey Playlists. If you’re a visual learner, the team made a reel featuring all of our adventures on our Instagram that you should definitely check out. Special thank you to all the societies who participated!

Friday: Day 5

Fatigued, sunburnt and in need of a rest, Day 5 felt like a Friday. Most of the stalls had already called it quits but not Grapeshot! For our final day, we met some more lovely faces and educated them on the Grapeshot ethos before realising a troubling fact. Why do so many students think you have to pay for Grapeshot?! Grapeshot is a magazine by students, for students and is always free for students and other members of the public to pick up, read and contribute to. Our team of volunteers are dedicated to writing some of the best, controversial and abstract pieces about media that affect young Australians, and we want everyone to have access to it in case you need a laugh or a new perspective. Day 5 was spent sharing the Grapeshot love.

We are very grateful to everyone who came to stop by and learn about Macquarie’s ONLY official publication! If you expressed your interest in a position, we will be in contact with you when positions are available. If you want to learn more about the magazine and how to get involved, visit or email us at The team at Grapeshot are appreciative of everyone who helped make Orientation Week so special and we can’t wait to share all the new and exciting things we have planned for you this year!


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