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Have you ever been at uni, finding it a little too hard to keep your eyes open? Well, Clara Kristanda, takes you through the @peoplesleepingatmq, an instagram page dedicated to posting pictures of people found asleep on campus.

Feeling sleepy?

I love the prospect of naptime, and paired with looming deadline panic and those little cushiony upstairs library seats, the prospect turns into a reality. Not all the time, but enough for my body to think library = sleep because it’s so cosy and quiet in there; especially when you’ve just come from a three-hour class and you have two reports due this week, and you’ve spent the whole day staring out the windows of your sad sad tute room, looking at the rain leaking down the sad, sad campus construction sites. Naptime befalls. It’s natural.

Recently, though, the reaction to seeing someone asleep on campus is to take a photo of them and send it to @peoplesleepingatmq. They’re a (self-explanatory) Instagram account that gets dozens upon dozens of submissions of naptime befalling the student. With over 180 posts and about 2500 followers, it’s clear people love a little shut eye on campus, and love taking creepy pictures of their peers even more.

I doubt all photos are raw and unstaged, because sometimes you can see people asleep in normal places like Central Courtyard, and other times photos feel too unhinged to be real.

In any case, whether posts are staged or not, this page is going a year strong and continues to grow. Nobody knows who owns it, but through the page you’ll find they study psych, are fans of Joji, and appreciate the Pokémon franchise.

So, if you didn’t get your eight hours: be careful, because sweet, sweet, lovely privacy apparently doesn’t exist anymore. Gone are the days we can loll in the Central Courtyard grass like Victorian royalty. Although you won’t be heckled and your face won’t be shown, you might find yourself clowned online with your fellow sleepy Joes. Welcome to Macquarie University.


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