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The (C)overt Sensuality of the Period Drama

For all the hotties out there who live and breathe period dramas, Deputy Editor Jasmine Oke spells out what your favourite drama says about you.

The 21st century has objectively been the era of the period drama – and who isn’t a slut for a good frolic through the past? Especially when it’s teeming with beautiful dresses, deceptively good-looking people, and more drama than an MQ discussion board – surely this is a universal experience, right? No one does sexual tension and yearning quite like it, and, though set in distant times, these films and TV shows can’t help but reflect our contemporary surroundings.


Whether you’re a saucy minx, an independent badass, or even somewhere in between, there will always be at least one cheeky little period drama tailored just for your tastes. Whether their sexual prowess is more obvious or implicit, we’ll let you decide. So without further ado, here’s what your favourite period drama says about you:

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Much to many people’s surprise, physical touch is your love language. You’re not very good at giving second chances, and you seem quite stern and serious on the outside, but just a second under the A/C this cold season will have you absolutely melting (not like the Wicked Witch of the West – much, much hotter). 

Emma. (2020)

You sure wouldn’t let a pesky nosebleed get in the way of you having a good time! You love playing matchmaker (even when it's unwarranted), but please don’t forget to listen to your own desires as well. We hope you’ve stayed away from any chill draughts this winter!

Little Women (2019)

Well, it’s Greta Gerwig we’re talking about, so no one is shocked you love this one. Whether you’re the eldest daughter with an overbearing sense of duty and responsibility, someone who houses great ambition and the fire of a thousand suns, the shy homebody, or the sweet yet spoilt youngest sibling – you live life on your own terms and Little Women makes you feel at home. Sometimes the closeness of family is all you need to feel warm inside. Also – Saoirse Ronan… are we right?

Bridgerton (2020 - Present)

We have a feeling that a lil’ Ariana Grande isn’t your only guilty pleasure… Every year when ‘Spotify Wrapped’ comes around you sigh over everyone posting that same silly graphic on their stories, but really, you’re just jealous that you can’t do the same – those results must have been ghastly! But don’t let that get you down, something tells us you’re still the most salacious of them all.

The Great (2020 - Present)

You’re filthy and lavish, and we respect it. With a sharp tongue that often gets you into trouble, you’re a natural performer and love being the centre of attention. Have you ever thought about submitting to Grapeshot?

Dickinson (2019-2021)

We get it, you read poetry. Now name one Emily Dickinson poem.

The Favourite (2018) 

Women! Just like Sex Education’s Maeve Wiley, you loooooove complex female characters. And we understand – who doesn’t? – but maybe try not to make it your only personality trait. Be honest – did you only think Joe Alwyn’s performance was good because of your parasocial relationship with Taylor Swift?  

Marie Antoinette (2006)

You’re still young at heart and you’ll never lose that charm. There really is nothing better than getting dressed up (or undressed) and spending time being absurd and loud with your favourite people (except maybe the colour pink). You’re also the designated cake server at parties, and we don’t mean the Woolies mud cake.


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