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The Campus Lowdown


Penalty Increase for Arts Students

Starting from Semester 2, the penalty for late assignments will supposedly be increased from 2% per day to 10% in the Faculty of Arts. Staff have expressed their lack of approval and this move is allegedly being pushed by the Dean of Law as told from MQ staff.

As one MQ lecturer stated: “In terms of impact on staff, I would say there would be an increase in special consideration requests to process or make note of, as well as the potential for more individual consultations with students who have been adversely affected by the change. This change will clearly add more stress for both staff and students.”

This move comes as another blow after the 113% fee hike introduced by the Liberal party in their 2020 education bill. This same bill also states that any first year student who fails 50% of their course will be kicked off HECS. This is arbitrary, shameful and just stinks of classism.

An overwhelming majority of domestic students rely on the HECS system to study, therefore many students would be kicked out due to their financial standing. This is an abomination and privileges those who are luckier fiscally.

Arts students and stuff are getting kicked to the gutter. There have been countless cuts, restructures, and sackings. Staff and students fear what more is to come for their futures.

SRC Elections

In March, nominations were sent in for students to become a part of the Student Representative Committee and the University Council. Throughout April you may have noticed the candidates campaigning. What do these candidates and groups do exactly?

The University Council is the governing authority of the University. The student member on The University Council is an integral part of the governance of the University at the highest level.

The SRC is the University’s peak consultative body for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The Committee includes elected members and appointed members and, collectively, represents the voice of students.

Phallic Statutes and Forbidden BJs

Just next to the Macquarie lake on the lush green grass, there stands a big black cock statue.

Well, at least that is my interpretation of the incredibly phallic statue. The statue can be seen from the Ubar deck but the best view is definitely up close and personal. A great place for a cute picnic with plenty to look out. Check it out!

Also, this is just a little note for all the hornbags out there. The bushes next to the Macquarie Lake and opposite the Ubar deck are not thick enough to hide the blowjobs. You are not invisible. If you want to give out blowjobs please find some deeper bush or find a spot that is not so viewable from Ubar, or better yet, keep it at home ya filthy animals. By the way, the bushland is home to the Peacock Spiders too so if are you choosing to get down and dirty watch out!

Queer Collective and Queer Space

Macquarie University's Queer Collective is a student society that ensures LBGTIQA+ identifying students and staff are safe on campus as well as creating a social atmosphere for students and staff.

The society is there to support and represent all students on campus who identify as queer, including people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, genderqueer, asexual or anywhere within the spectrum!

There is the Queer Space for all of these wonderful souls to gather. The Queer Space is located in Level 3 of the MUSE building.

You can contact the Collective at or find them on their Facebook page where you may request to join their Facebook group.

Macquarie University Beer and Wine Society

Please give a warm welcome to Macquarie’s newest society, the Macquarie University Beer and Wine Society!

“We are a social club dedicated to tipping back skews and sipping on some reds. We want to hold pub crawls, themed parties, trips to the vineyards, balls, dinner cruises, or any other event to show our love for beer and wine.”

So let loose, let the liquor enter into your system, and let those Freudian slips out!

Find their Facebook page to join the society today!

Women Entering Business (WEB)

A word from the Publications Team at WEB:

WEB is an extensive network of supportive, high achieving and hard-working women. The passionate and driven leaders within the society work towards reflecting their dedication to create a community of women who inspire each other and achieve their career goals. WEB offers its members social and professional networking opportunities throughout the year, hosted in collaboration with its sponsors. They are proud to be working with prestigious organisations including Deloitte, EY, Grant Thornton, BDO, CAANZ, FTI Consulting, Gresham and Pinnacle.

As WEB approaches Semester 2, it is a key time to begin the celebrations of their five year anniversary and they extend this invitation to their members. Members can also look forward to multiple intervarsity events alongside WEB’s own sponsored professional events. To further expand opportunities for its members, they are committed to collaborating with various other societies and organisations to host events. Each year, WEB’s flagship Alumni Night is an eagerly anticipated event as it provides members with access to highly esteemed panelists and guest speakers and offers valuable insight across a range of industries. Make sure to engage with these events to build your network and gain skills, with the benefit of meeting like-minded women who value succeeding together.

To learn more and register as a WEB member:


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