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Mob: The Screams That Fill The Land


For our brothers and sisters that were taken from us without mercy.

How are we supposed to recover

When you took us from our mother

Telling us that it was because of our colour?

Whilst we live in your regret

For creating our debt

Are we just supposed to forget?

The land that has been ripped from our feet

For generations starting from that first fleet

For our ancestors, we could never meet

So we march together, one mob under the same sun

For we are tired of having to run

From your constantly loaded gun

We will never be silenced so long as we understand

How long the screams have filled this land

And how you still hesitate to hold our hand

While you can live without the pain

You tell us we only complain

When your sorrys are all in vain

And my only hope for the new generation

Is that they can have a strong nation

That is free from discrimination

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