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Tips for Squeezing From the Experts

Confused about how to make hanky panky more enjoyable and intimate? Dougal Tsakalos-Stewart lays out all the tips and tricks needed to improve the vibes in the bedroom. 

Content warning: Sexual References

As a young adult myself, I'm often wondering how I could improve my ‘squeezing’ in the bedroom. As the sex issue is upon us, here are some general tips from experts for all couples, situationships, and one night stands, that you can all use to your own liking:

10 tips from Janet Brito, Ph.D in Sexual Therapy [1]

  1. Focus on all your senses to enjoy the act

  2. Think of intercourse as more than just putting the carrot into the doughnut

  3. Learn each other's love language

  4. Avoid comparison to previous sexual partners

  5. Try new things to discover what they like

  6. Know how much energy you have

  7. Remember that sex doesn't have to be serious!

  8. Make a choice to be intimate 

  9. Remember, sleep is important for comfortability and exploration

  10. Make time in your schedule for sexual intercourse

5 tips from Laura Vowels, sex and relationship therapist [2]

  1. Don't kink and/or fetish shame

  2. Communicate your turn-ons and desires

  3. Don't be scared of sex toys!

  4. Less sex doesn't equal to a bad sex life

  5. Remember that it’s normal for your sexual desires change over time

With that said, enjoy your time with your sexual partner and be careful to not let the fun outweigh any possible risks. As a great man once said: “don't be silly, wrap your willy.”

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[2] Head, Ally. “A sex and relationships therapist wants you to know the sex advice she follows herself”. Marie Claire UK, 9 Feb. 2022,


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