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Our Regulars and Creatives Section Editors, Bruna Gomes and Clara Kristanada, sought to view and make art ...

In September, Clara and Bruna visited the UNCOVERED: Northwood, Lloyd Rees and Beyond exhibit at the Macquarie University Art Gallery. Inspired by Rees’ unmistakably Australian landscapes, Bruna wrote an ekphrastic poem to translate her interpretation of his art.


abandoned pastures

the chest-hairs of shrubbery

a quiet, sluggish, cloudless sky

the homestead remains erect, a steeple

as tall as the last-standing tree

time drips like a recurring thought:

when should the homeowner finally

abandon his red squares of land,

his self-portrait of earth

cracking like the skin of his feet

clumps of dirt beneath his fingernails,

the hill as curved as his back?

the answer is as rolling as the hills,

as infinite as the horizon.

the fading clouds of leaves still grow

like plumes of smoke from a slow-burning fire

and the lone road is a driveway leading only to home.

the homeowner holds his palms

to the red ground,

mistaking it for a hearth,

warming himself in the absent sun,

thinking about a list of resilient seeds

to plant and watch for years to come.


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