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Your Personal Guide to Macquarie’s Student Societies

Macquarie University Sustainability Society (MUSS)

Hello! We’re a small student group called MUSS (Macquarie University Sustainability Society). Our team runs workshops and events focused on assisting people in making small day-to-day changes that reduce our environmental impact on the earth. In the past we’ve planted trees around campus, participated in Clean-Up Australia Day, hosted clothing swaps and collaborated with other societies to produce information sessions on things like indigenous land management methods, food waste and fast fashion. If you’re interested in joining and hanging out with some like-minded, eco-friendly inclined people, follow us on our socials and come down to one of our events.

Macquarie University Symphony Orchestra (MUSO)

Hi! We are the Macquarie University Symphony Orchestra (MUSO), or a group of fun people who happen to play instruments. To maintain classical culture on campus, we meet every week to rehearse pieces together which also provides a great bonding opportunity for our members. In addition to our weekly rehearsals, we host social events and study sessions to foster friendships between our musicians. In the broader scheme of things, we hold concerts each semester as our driving objective. If you play an orchestral instrument and are open to playing in a group of like-minded musicians, please don’t hesitate to sign up and follow our socials. Hope to see you there!


It is a place where people scream along to lyrics they barely know, fan over small pieces of high-quality paper, and gush over cheesy, romantic shows. That would be the MQU Kpop Society. This club holds a special place at the university where one can unleash all their craze for Kpop, Kdramas and associated things. Most well known for their KBBQ gatherings and chaotic weekly hangouts, MQUKPOP's members never miss out on occasion to cheer for their favourite idol's comeback. Their latest event, the Fantasia Ball, was a grand success and a small glimpse at the fun to come in 2022. To put it simply, the MQU Kpop Society is a mix of fans and friends constantly bonding over Korean pop culture!

Macquarie Dance Academy (MDA)

At MDA (Macquarie Dance Academy), we have a little bit of everything for everyone. We’re a street dance society which is an umbrella term for styles such as hip hop, breaking, popping, krump. We offer dance classes for complete beginners as well as opportunities to represent the society in choreography performances and freestyle dance battles. Our society is part of a wider Sydney street dance scene. We collaborate with other dance societies and organisations to run events and also enter their events. We also just hangout and chill on campus and outside of uni. Dance and community is our passion, and we love to share and pass those values on.

Women Entering Business (WEB)

Women Entering Business (WEB) is a women-run student society with the mission to help improve the professional confidence of Macquarie University students. Our events provide students with the opportunity to network with recruiters from large international and Australian companies, develop professional skills like resume writing and learn what it’s like to work in their dream industry. Benefits of our membership include a bi-weekly newsletter, notifications of intern and graduate opportunities from our sponsors, priority access to our on-campus events and access to our Careers and Graduate Guide, all for $5.

Mac Marauders

If you haven’t tried quidditch, you’re missing out! Quidditch is a sport that strives for equal opportunities, which means the game is Co-ed, LGBTQIA + friendly, and open to people of all levels of fitness. There is something for everyone in the sport, as it mixes components from many other sports, we throw dodgeballs, or bludgers, at other players, use a volleyball, or quaffle, to score points and seekers must snatch the snitch off of a member of the refereeing team. Quidditch can be a rough and tumble sport, depending on how you play, as the rules allow tackling and other forms of contact.

The Quidditch community is one that spans the world, we have several teams in NSW and many more across Australia, as well as a national team who plays against other countries. We play against other teams in friendly and competitive tournaments once a month against teams from other universities and also community teams. Mac Marauders is the Macquarie Universities Quidditch team, if you’re looking for a new sport to try, come on down to the Macquarie uni sports fields on Mondays or Wednesdays at 5pm to check us out! We have training twice a week, and then gather afterward for dinner and games. The Quidditch community is a welcoming one and we are always happy to teach new players! If you’ve got questions before you come along to a training session to check us out, you can always message us on our Facebook page, Mac Marauders.


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