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A Living Obituary

The moon twinkles bright in the dark, lonely night sky

An air of sadness surrounds me

I feel betrayed;

Betrayed like baby birds when their mom pushes them out the nest

so they can learn how to fly,

Betrayed like a confused kitten when his mom hisses at him,

Betrayed like being told I’m worthless–

I’m useless

I’m worthless

I’m useless

I’m worthless

They don’t need me anymore; after giving my whole life to them,

I was shown the door,

Oh! The despair, the desolation, the dejection, the dishonour,

Once a common name, now forgotten; the times have really changed, haven’t they?

The horror!

To face the defamation of being kicked out of the company and then finding out I

am being replaced by a younger, shinier me!

Why was the guise suddenly more important than the realism?

And the detriment felt like a knife to the gut

So solemn, so sombre, so subdued,

I walk home scattering sadness all along the path,

Oh! How ill-mannered of me to not introduce myself–

My last name is Pockets, Women’s Pockets.

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