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All the ways to heat your wax strips so the wax actually sticks to your hairs


  1. Put them in the microwave.

  2. Wrap them in a wheat bag that you’ve microwaved.

  3. Fold the strips into a towel and press them with a hot iron.

  4. Keep them under a bowl of boiling water.

  5. Lower them into the toaster.

  6. Hold them up in a thunderstorm until they get struck by lightning.

  7. Take them to a dragon’s lair and ask her to burp.

  8. Rest them on the deck in the sun.

  9. Or better yet, take a rocket ship to space and hold them up to the sun.

  10. Take a submarine into a volcano and hold them to the earth’s core.

  11. Sail a boat in the volcano’s stream of eruption and hold them to the lava.

  12. If you’ve got a gas stove, hold them over your gas stove.

  13. If you’ve got a fireplace, throw them in with the kindling. Forget about them until they melt away.

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