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Fabled the straight banana is,

I’ve only seen one in all my younger days.

Only short, lady finger by name.

Yellow, I MEAN really YELLOW.

Banana Lollies.

Now there’s Fabled for you.

Back in the day when one Banana Lolly would fill a whole mouth.

Lollies from yesteryear are fabled.

Teeth had mint flavouring.

Three for one cent or two for one cent, if a big lolly you wanted.

Mr Morris’s handful.

Now that was fabled!

“Ten cents worth of mixed lollies, please, Mr Morris.”

In would go the hand reaching for different lollies,

And then into the little white paper bag.

He wouldn’t even count them.

Fabled days of kids on our street, tons of lollies, in bare feet.

Footy out the front or hanging out at school on weekends.

Pushbikes for transport, sliding sideways and getting hurt.

The longest holidays, eight weeks back then.

Drinking from the front hose, and never go inside.

Don’t eat bananas anymore, but lollies are liked.

Still pushbikes for transport a three-wheel trike.

We spoil the grandkids with Strawberries, Blueberries

And sometimes Lollies and Cake.

I reckon in the future when I’m gone

My grandkids will think a great fable I’ll make.

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