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Go To: Mary’s Burgers/Underground

Finding A Frankie's refuge?

On 11 December 2022, Frankie’s Pizza was made to close (real live tears are rolling down my face into my nose and lungs and I drown) for the new Sydney Metro. The underground bar and pizzeria was a cult fave rave cave, target demographic being eyeliner-goth-dad-rock-platform-Doc individuals looking to “get fucked at Frankie’s” till 3:30 in the morning. If you happen to enjoy any of the aforementioned, you too would have enjoyed the venue, or it’s likely you’ve already grieved over its passing. So, why am I mentioning this dead business then? Because it’s time to move on. A new place of refuge is needed for the people who still pretend outcast edgy culture is cool.

So go to Mary’s Burgers.

Mary’s Burgers is a small chain restaurant that currently has sites in Circular Quay, Newtown, Castle Hill, CBD Castlereagh, and the Entertainment Quarter, the biggest of which is in Circular Quay with the attached Mary’s Underground. Here, you can find the restaurant located a couple blocks away from the water featuring a giant glowering sign that reads “RATPISS”, with the live music venue downstairs. I’m not going to say it’s a replacement for Frankie’s, but it definitely has the same energy (hanging dried flowers, weird melted candle pile), and it’s good to support small businesses that haven’t yet been run over by the Sydney Metro. You will spend $25 on one burger meal, but who doesn’t in the city, and the good news is that everything (everything) on the menu is available as vegan, so you’ll never again have to pick away at plain chips or a sad bowl of lettuce for dinner when you go out for girls’ night. Also, their meat is halal, which is winner winner winner winner winner x50.

As for the Underground section, it’s cosy but organised, with a big fuck off bar to the side and a sunken-in dancefloor in front of a small main stage, where they do both live music and repeat nights. It is a tad bit too loud even for a club, because the speaker’s fucking shoulder height in a closed-in space, but it’s a good atmosphere, it doesn’t feel like you’re going to be assaulted. So, bring earplugs if you care about your health. Or don’t. Also, for an underground venue, it’s not too crowded, though that might change as the business grows. Not sorry for this article.

They also do Doordash and Uber Eats if staying at home is more your scene. Go support them right now now now now or on the weekend when you have a girlies’ night next.

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