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Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

Women Entering Business (WEB) is an extensive network of supportive, high-achieving, and motivated students at Macquarie University. In a climate where gender equality is not yet a reality, our purpose is to empower and equip young people with the professional skills, knowledge, and networks needed as they transition from university to the corporate world. The passionate and driven leaders within the society work towards reflecting their dedication to creating a community of women who inspire each other to achieve their career goals. WEB offers its members social and professional networking opportunities throughout the year, hosted individually, with sponsor companies, and in collaboration with other university student societies.

One of our flagship events which we look forward to each year is our International Women’s Day Breakfast. This is a time for WEB and our sister societies, Capital W (UNSW), Network of Women (USYD), and Women in Business (UTS), to come together and discuss the gender parity challenges present today. Each year, esteemed panelists share their insights into workplace advocacy and what young people can do to help minimise the experiences that marginalised women face. Furthermore, the event is an invaluable opportunity for all attendees to network with peers and top tier sponsor firms.

WEB consistently hosts a variety of beneficial events for students. Below are some insights attendees gained from just a few of our recent events in Semester 2, 2021.

Resume Building & Interview Skills Workshop with EY

For young people entering the professional world, understanding the process of interviews and developing a strong resume is crucial. In August, WEB held a Resume Building &

Interview Skills Workshop in collaboration with one of our sponsors, EY, a leading professional services organisation, and one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms globally.

Students learnt how to go from a prospective candidate to a successful employee. One key takeaway was the importance of learning as much as possible about a company in order to assess the two-way value that can be provided and finding the best cultural fit. Also, having specific answers to why you are the ideal candidate for the role is equally important. This was an exciting event and we would like to thank EY for their generous support as our 65 attendees gained a lot of skills and perspective into elevating their personal brand.

Managing your Mindset in the Workplace with Deloitte

On ‘R U OK? Day’ we hosted an insightful event with our sponsor Deloitte, about the relationship between mental health and career performance. Deloitte is one of the major professional services firms, with service lines in Tax, Consulting, Audit & Assurance, and more. To support young professionals, Deloitte panelists shared useful strategies for maintaining work-life balance and separating your identity from your career.

One of the major takeaways attendees gained was that when you receive feedback on projects or initiatives, use it as a learning experience rather than taking it personally, as part of having a growth mindset. Additionally, panelists explained that to have a positive mindset in the workplace, you need to recognise you are there for a reason and deserve it. Imposter syndrome stems from fear of failure and comparison to others and is detrimental to your wellbeing. We trust this event was incredibly valuable for all young professionals, particularly in supporting their mental health. At WEB, we believe that your mindset influences every decision you make. It impacts your learning, creativity, and productivity levels. By building your mental fitness, you can better realise your full potential and achieve your goals.

The Wolf of Upstreet with Upstreet

Upstreet is a Sydney-based startup that has created a platform to enable its users to earn fractional shares as they shop with over 200 brands through their app or Chrome Extension. Finding opportunities to educate young people about getting involved in the fintech sector is something that we embarked upon in a recent collaboration with 6 leading societies within Macquarie Business School. This event was guided by the vision of empowering future leaders, involving showcasing non-traditional career pathways and emerging industries.

A key learning takeaway from the event is that within the startup space, young professionals can form their own niche and engage in collaboration to share innovative ideas. During the process of progressing from being a student to beginning a full-time career, exploring ways to support startups, and contributing to their initiatives, is a great way to build a portfolio. There is a learning curve in the confidence-building aspect of being able to pitch yourself and owning your achievements when a company is growing into an established business. This informative and collaborative event is an indicator of WEB’s passion to remain at the forefront of offering professional insights to students.

WEB’s Upcoming Alumni Night

Each year, WEB’s flagship Alumni Night is an eagerly anticipated event as it provides members with access to highly esteemed panelists and offers invaluable insight across a range of industries.

Our theme this year is She is Limitless, highlighting the endless possibilities of women, showcasing women’s ability to break barriers and exceed expectations. We will be bringing together past, present, and future members and sponsors of WEB to reflect upon past achievements, celebrate current successes, and realise future potential.

Alumni Night will include keynote speeches, a round table discussion, a panel discussion, and a networking portion. Students will have direct access to best-in-class speakers and sponsors, allowing you to unlock new connections and build your industry knowledge.

WEB aims to encourage women to achieve their aspirations and show how She is Limitless.

Join us on Thursday 21st October (Week 11) from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM (AEST).

Growing through WEB

In addition to the multitude of events that WEB hosts individually and in collaboration with other societies and sponsors, WEB provides female students with a unique skill set. Students have the opportunity to apply their learning from their course directly to a professional setting as a member of the WEB team. From marketing to events, each of WEB’s departments allows students to gain first-hand experience using various automation tools, design programs, and how to write professional emails.

While WEB’s events allow students to gain an understanding in creating resumes and cover letters, or managing a work-life balance, being a part of the WEB Executive Committee gives you access to mentorship from fellow successful peers. WEB recognises how difficult it can be to land an opportunity and be prepared with the amount of resilience and determination required to succeed in the workplace. Therefore, our mission is to not only upskill female students, but also give them a chance to gain leadership skills before they go on to shatter glass ceilings and pave the way for other aspiring students.

If you are passionate about empowering yourself, make sure to commit to attending professional and social events hosted by WEB. We highly encourage students to engage with our events to build your network and gain skills, with the benefit of meeting like-minded women who value succeeding together. Join WEB today by registering here:

You can also scan this QR code to learn more about WEB and check out our merchandise!


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