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Does it Look Weird or Stupid?


• i don’t think its stupid I actually love that miniskirt.

its like a sarong but you swim in it too? nah not stupid

people wont look at you 0

besides its on sale so just get it i might too 0

— sent the skirt to Rob and he says its sexxxyyy so im gonna buy

— i was thinking we all have a shopping date soon actually we cn go have lunch and yeh its 2 for

$50 so we can split it instead and save the $5 for lunch

whattt he never likes ur style though 0

ok good because lowkey i actually cant afford groceries lol not with this rent 0

broke and hungry gal 0

> yea I need a new dress for summer and also a bikini. but that skirts fine not stupid

> i would get it but it wont look good on my skin colour

> you guys will look so sluttttyyy sexxxyyy slay in yours people will be staring at your arse if any


• when r we shopping because ive been working overtime so have $$$ MULA;

• also need to get a new crop bc i lost my old one i wear like every day

— tues?

> ok

0 sounds good

— YAY so happy we needed to get together soon


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