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If I Was a Worm

would you still love me if I was a worm?

lol of course babe

what about if I was a guy?


just answer

no I don’t like dicks

ok what about if I was trans 

no ? I just told you I don’t like dicks

what about if I was the exact same person just intersex

isn’t that the same thing


well idk still no

so you don’t love me for just me

i do I just don’t like men I’m comfortable in my sexuality is that so hard to process?

well I’m not a man and i still wouldn’t be if i was intersex or trans

ok well you’re not intersex or trans so it doesn’t matter

so u would love me if i was a worm but not if i didnt confine to your definition of woman

what do u want me to say babe at this point 

its not that serious idk why you’re making problems

you said u love me unconditionally I feel like these are very specific conditions

well you’re not lgbt or whatever lol so it doesn’t matter

it does cos what if i am

are you?

no but thats besides the point

ok so can we just drop this??

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