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One Day, You'll Flourish

One day,

you’ll gaze through the

window of opportunity,

and behold a glistening view

of your own making.

Your four walls will embrace you,

with soft carpet replacing

jagged eggshells -

home filled with things

which make you warm.

One day,

you’ll uncover people -

crafted by the loving fingers of fate,

shimmering with stardust -

readily bestowing the right key

to unlock the real you -

thrashing against your rib cage,

desperate to meet kindred souls

made to nurture your own.

One day,

you’ll indulge upon foods

you’d never fathom to taste -

traversing lands

beyond the boundaries of

all known comprehension.

Money won’t be an object:

you’ll run,

and you’ll run,

and you’ll run;

through lucid dreams,

and flourishing fields;

down quiet roads,

and places we forgot.

But above all -

one day,

when the time is right -

you’ll flourish.

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