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Top Australian News Podcasts



This one is a short, yet informative news and current affairs podcast produced by Schwarz Media, the same company that publishes The Saturday Paper and The Monthly. Released on weekdays, 7AM episodes usually don’t go for longer than 15 minutes, so this is perfect for a quick update on a current issue. Rather than giving a brief overview of everything that happened in the last 24 hours like on the radio, 7AM gives you an in-depth snapshot of one news story. Some of the latest episodes cover internet censorship laws, the rule of law, and the NSW floods. This podcast is for those who want a deeper understanding of topical news stories but don’t have the attention span for it.

Full Story

Produced by The Guardian, Full Story again will give you good reporting in episodes that rarely exceed 30 minutes. Hosted by Laura Murphy-Oates, Full Story has high quality reporting that relies on an experienced team of journalists and experts to offer a bit more insight into Australian news. Similar to 7AM, Full Story drops an episode every weekday, so if you have a commute in the morning or in the arvo, this one might work great for you. A great episode that breaks down a fairly cumbersome issue is the episode ‘The Attorney General v The ABC’ which covers Christian Porter’s defamation case against the ABC.

Australian Politics

Hosted by the phenomenal Katharine Murphy, a seasoned political reporter from Canberra and the political editor for The Guardian, Australian Politics gives you somewhere to go for in-depth long-form reporting on interesting and controversial political issues. One thing about this podcast that sets it apart is the range of views that appear on it, owing to Murphy’s status as a highly respected reporter. There are episodes with other reports, MPs from most political parties and those with other important offices. For example, recently Murphy had the Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins on the show to talk about her work as she begins her investigation into parliament’s workplace culture.

Diplomates – A Geopolitical Chinwag

This podcast is hosted by the extremely knowledgeable Misha Zelinsky, who sits down with experts, politicians and even former Prime Ministers. If you are looking for a deep dive into the biggest issues facing Australia, then this podcast is for you. Zelinsky is the Auspol nerd you didn’t know you needed in your life, asking the big questions that need answering. Diplomates’ most recent episode featured Malcolm Turnbull on his life before politics and the future of politics, leadership and governance.


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